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Cat Mantis (TM)

Catch the fever! The Cat Scratch Fever! Reemco's Cat Mantis saves you time and trouble!

The Cat Mantis occupies and pampers your annoying feline so you don't have to. Cats love the company of the Cat Mantis leaving you free to relax after a hard days work! Wireless Remote Control allows you to control the mantis from the ease of your favorite chair!

Here's how it works!

Never again will your cat plop on your books whilst you read them. No more cat hips thrust in your face! No more selfish pussy aggravation!

Use the remote control and get some long distance action! Selfish cats are immobolized and pampered instantly!

Momcats will be grateful!

After her kittens are taken care of, you can give her some of that love too!

Everyone loves the cat mantis!

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