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Reemco News
January 2004

Happy new year to all of our loyal Reemco Smart Shoppers™! This will likely be our biggest news story of the year. We have completely overhauled our Reemco Smart Shopper ID™ sign up! The whole process is now much faster and far less intrusive, so if you don't already have your Reemco Smart Shopper ID™ then sign up for one right now!

We continue to be overwhelmed by customer response to our products. Thousands of people have let us know how Reemco has changed their quality of life. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Keep checking back for our latest products and inventions. There will be a lot of activity on this site in the coming months.

We are sorry to announce the passing of several of our friends here at Reemco in the first month of the new year. Our condolences to the families of employees Margaret Wiley, Chester Hill, Harold Geerts, and Sinjon Dinsthanjamou, all of whom passed away on January the 1st 2004.

On a lighter note, we'll soon be having a sale on selected items in our Pet department- Give your pet the gift of love. Buy Reemco.

The Reemenstien Family has proudly donated $22,000 for the construction of the Puff Memorial in New York. They have also given the design crew open access to the family archives. We'll be posting progress of this grand tribute as it comes together.

We were all glad to find out that Reemco was cleared of any wrongdoing in the Plecostoma breach in the genetics lab on January 1st 2004.

We're setting out to make 2004 our biggest year ever. Keep in touch!

Reemco. As fast as the future.

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