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Interior Roasts (TM)

Cook fowl from the inside out with Reemco's Interior Roasts™. These new appliances were created to enhance the culinary experience and to make food prep more stimulating and enjoyable. Specially designed to appeal to the discriminate chef. The carefully engineered heating elements create and distribute heat from the inside out. Simply prepare fowl as usual- stuffings, bastings, marinades etc.- then employ the relevant roast. Slide the roast into the bird and then leave it alone. The roast won't affect room temperatures!

Check out these testimonials!

Mark Richards, Syracuse, New York

Ellen Dennings, Phoenix, Arizona

Paul, Orlando, Florida

LITTLE RICHARD™- Great for Cornish Game Hens!

THE COUNTRY COCK™- For Country Chicken. Finger Lickin' Good.

THE BLACK MAMBA™- For the big birds.(Available in black only.)

See the Interior Roasts™ in action!


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