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The Flamingo (TM)
As a child you probably had to warm tub water the old fashioned way. Not anymore! Reemco is proud to present The Flamingo- our state of the art water temperature control device. The Flamingo tubwarmer retains your tubwater to a specifically chosen temperature. From 95 degrees Farenhiet on up. Here's how it works!
Take your bath... soon as you notice that the heat of a freshly drawn bath has dissipated simply place the Flamingo a safe distance from you and plug it in. Within seconds your bathwater will return to an invigorating and refreshing sauna!

And for added pleasure check out- . Reemco's newest bathtime enhancement device. As a child you probably had to create bubbles the old fashioned way. Not anymore! Simply fill up the Bubble Baby 6000 with bubble bath, submerge it a safe distance from you, then plug it in!

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