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Reflex Viewing Television (TM)

This state of the art Reflex Viewing Television is the latest in our ever growing search to take the comforts of home out on the road. Sure we've seen televisions the same size- hell, we've even seen them smaller. But we've never seen them specially adapted to fit your driving needs.

Here's how it works:

The screen is mounted on our specially designed headset. You simply drive and enjoy!

Questions regarding the safety of the Reflex Veiwing Television arise concerning the attention it takes away from driving on the road. We've found that the Reflex Veiwing Television is actually SAFER than NOT using one because there's no rushing home to see who wants to be a millionaire.

Reemco's Roadgame Controls™

Don't forget the consoles for your favorite video games! The Reemco Roadgames Controls take your best game on the road! No more frustrating losses because you can't be there to compete! Take the game with you! And for the diehard player:

The Joystickshift™ turns any ordinary stickshift into a joystick! Talk about enhancing your driving experience. Adds untold realism to highway, freeway, and spychaser video games.

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